What is the culture of tomorrow?

How can brands have a legitimate place in it? In order to answer these questions, we need to study and understand where new cultural ideas come from. The fashion, music, and technology that drive innovation and change.

2020 showed us that we can no longer consume from one drop to another. Concerns about the ecological footprint of fashion make seasonal shopping unethical. COVID-19 changed our spending patterns. It confronted us with the stuff we own, and the things we don't really need. What streetwear do we wear now that we're not on the streets?

Being progressive in 2021 means something different than before. We don't need more stuff. We need real, lasting change. We need transparency about supply chains, and we need our products to last. Choosing to buy a thing will be less about status, and more about creating and strengthening our lively, diverse communities. To remain culturally relevant, we have to define what comes after the hype.

Brands wanting to maintain or increase their relevance, have to participate in this change in a committed and meaningful way. As a brand activator and researcher of cultural innovation, I pave the way.


As part of my ongoing research of Cultural Innovation, I host a series of conversations with those who are close to the šŸ”„. Together, we study where new ideas come from: the fashion, music, and technology that drive renewal and change. For now, I transmit our findings once a month, and clustered in quarterly seasons.

This was Season 1
ā€“ April, May, June 2021:
Cecile Poignant
Issue 02
(May 2021)

Simon Brown
Issue 03
(June 2021)

Season 2 is live:

Nerds, Nerds, Nerds
Issue 04
(October 2021)


Marie Lueder
Issue 05
(November 2021)


Various / Los Angeles
Issue 06
(December 2021)

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Iā€™m a Brand Activator
and Researcher of Cultural Innovation

In my practice I apply the knowledge, contacts, and skills I gained during my years working in commercial advertising for global clients, to create culturally progressive content, experiences and partnerships. My aim is to initiate and realise purposeful collaborations that take things beyond your internet bubble, giving substance, territory, and attitude to brands and their messages. Offering services such as concept development, cultural mapping, match-making, copy and script writing, I create zeitgeist experiences for the brands and customers of tomorrow.