What is the culture of tomorrow?

How can brands have a legitimate place in it? In order to answer these questions, we need to research and understand where new cultural ideas come from. The fashion, sound, and technology that drive innovation and change.

In recent years, brands understood the necessity to rethink their ethical footprint.

They recycled, upcycled, and implemented circular systems. They rewrote their claims, to encourage action and change. The continuation of COVID-19 meant that stores were no longer places to just sell products ā€” they became community hubs, moving beyond the binary of cultural institutions and shops. Brands engaged on the local, regional level, rather than the global. They listened to their customers and gave voice to social ambitions.

In 2023, focusing on the right thing to do, means to engage, and to give back. No cultural appropriation but cross-cultural collaboration. No hidden agendas or empty products, but projects built on purpose.

Our constant and immediate connectivity can leave brands exposed - TikTok influencers can take products apart. It can also give brands a chance to shine, and take the relationship between brands and people to new, unchartered places.

Brands wanting to maintain or increase their relevance, have to participate in this change in a committed and meaningful way.

As a brand activator and researcher of cultural innovation, I pave the way.



As part of my ongoing research of Cultural Innovation, I host a series of conversations with those who are close to the šŸ”„. Together, we study where new ideas come from: the fashion, music, and technology that drive renewal and change. For now, I transmit our findings once a month, and clustered in seasons.

My interviews are ENERGY EXCHANGES and in between I fill the void with ENERGY SOURCES.

Iā€™m a Brand Activator
and Researcher of Cultural Innovation

In my practice I apply the knowledge, contacts, and skills I gained during my years working in commercial advertising for global clients, to create culturally progressive content, experiences and partnerships. My aim is to initiate and realise purposeful collaborations that take things beyond your internet bubble, giving substance, territory, and attitude to brands and their messages. Offering services such as concept development, cultural mapping, match-making, copy and script writing, I create zeitgeist experiences for the brands and customers of tomorrow.

Agencies include: BAM, Bejond, C/O, DOKYO, FRTWTY, Gharage, InSocial Media, Jung von Matt, Kemmler Kemmler, Nike Berlin, The Ambition and more.