What is the culture of tomorrow?

How can brands have a legitimate place in it? As we navigate beyond the pandemic era, these question gain new facets, particularly in the realms of popular culture, fashion, sound, sports and outdoor activities. 

As we embrace these hybrid and multi-faceted cultures in 2024, it's vital for brands to find their authentic role at this intersection. Transparency is key; hidden agendas and superficial products have no place in this new era. Instead, we champion projects with a clear, impactful purpose.

The shift towards sustainability is no longer optional. Brands are integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of their operations, from product creation to event organization. The focus is on creating gear, communication and experiences that resonate with the ethos of preservation and respect for nature, people and our planet.
Physical retail spaces, once traditional transaction points, are transforming. They now serve as community-centric hubs, offering experiences that connect people with the same pursuits. This shift emphasizes localized, personalized engagement, building genuine communities.

In this hyper-connected era, authenticity is crucial. Brands need to be transparent and purpose-driven. It's about crafting narratives and products that reflect a commitment to the environment and societal well-being, not just profit.

As a brand activator and creative director with a keen eye on cultural innovation, I guide brands creatively to navigate and lead in this dynamic landscape.

Together, we're not just part of the cultural conversation; we're driving it with integrity, vision and deep commitment.



As part of my ongoing research of Cultural Innovation, I host a series of conversations with those who are close to the 🔥. Together, we study where new ideas come from: the fashion, music, and technology that drive renewal and change. For now, I transmit our findings once a month, and clustered in seasons.

My interviews are ENERGY EXCHANGES and in between I fill the void with ENERGY SOURCES.

I’m a Brand Activator
and Researcher of Cultural Innovation

In my practice I apply the knowledge, contacts, and skills I gained during my years working in commercial advertising for global clients, to create culturally progressive content, experiences and partnerships. My aim is to initiate and realise purposeful collaborations that take things beyond your internet bubble, giving substance, territory, and attitude to brands and their messages. Offering services such as concept development, cultural mapping, match-making, copy and script writing, I create zeitgeist experiences for the brands and customers of tomorrow.

Agencies include: BAM, Bejond, C/O, DOKYO, FRTWTY, Gharage, InSocial Media, Jung von Matt, Kemmler Kemmler, Nike Berlin, The Ambition and more.